Computer model basement cracks

FYI - Here are three computer models of the same basement with hydrostatic loading on one wall. These depict three different cases:

  1. Joist perpendicular to the wall providing some resistance at the top to the inward movement.
  2. Joist parallel to the top with a center beam providing resistance at top center.
  3. Joist parallel to the wall with very little resistance at the top once the beam has pushed through the wall.

The first picture shows the wall stress starts up diagonally from the corners before going horizontal. The main contributing factor for the horizontal stress is the resistance caused by the perpendicular floor joist at the top.

Keep in mind this model represents an ideal case where the hydrostatic pressure is uniform for the full length and there are no windows or other items that may cause stress concentrations. Also the wall deflection is exaggerated for visual effect.

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Soil is the variable that surrounds foundations. Architecture, material relationship, live loading.
I do not understand the relevance other than simulation on one model.
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