Computer repair...

Anyone have experience with this or something like it?

I don’t have a need now but am curious about it.


I haven’t heard of them. I’d suggest getting AVG Spyware and AVG Antivirus (both free). You can also get Spybot and Adaware. Then run a system defrag. All free, and trustworthy.


Take Dominic’s advice. Don’t waste your money on software that is already FREE to use.

then, last but not least…

Thanks guys. I don’t need anything now but curiosity got the better if me and I appreciate your responses.

I’ll use those links so I hopefully won’t need repair later.

Thanks again.:smiley:

When I had some PC problems a while back I had 1800GEEKS come to my place and resolve my problems. They downloaded SPYBOT and used it to Fix my stuff. It’s free and I still run it to clean up crap that finds it’s way onto my computer.

I keep a large ball peen hammer just off to one side of the screen. I don’t threaten the computer but I am sure that the presence of the hammer sends the message that, should it act up, I mean business. It’s sort of a “passive aggressive” thing. And it appears to work! I used to turn off the lights and make threatening animal noises in the dark but that scared the cat. And dancing naked in the moon light while beating on a tambourine didn’t work at all! No to burned incense. No to burnt animal offerings. No to incantations.

But the hammer. Seems to be working so far.

Where exactly did you get this hammer? I’d like to order a few and send them to members of my family so they can put them next to their computer. That way if they don’t have problems, I won’t need to go over to their house and fix their problems anymore!