Computer Replacement Battery

My battery on my Fuijitsu Lifebook T-4215 is getting weak. I went on line to do a search for a replacement battery. My battery says that its product # is FPCBP155 / 10.8v / 5200mAh.

I get lots of sites that offer a replacement battery for a Fuijitsu T-4215 with the same product #, for about $45, BUT they are all 4600mAh.

I’ve got on Fuijitsu’s own site and the battery that pulls up for a T-4215 has a product # of FPCBP155-AP with 5200 mAh, BUT sells for $140.

Is there a major difference in these 2 batterys.


By two of the other and an extra charger to come out way ahead.:mrgreen:

The one thing I love about my new Toshiba Sandy Bridge is the battery life though I still love my Desk top.

Took the new Laptop to the woods to work yesterday and spent 4 hours there with plenty charge left.

Personally, I’d rather get one of the Acer Timelinex laptops. Cheaper, not Sandybridge, but I5 430’s, and they have a 5650 on board. Run you about $700 and get 12 hours runtime. Did you do another “walk in the woods” video Bob? You are doing a Fall version aren’t you? The Fall colors are really prominent this time of year.

Got mine for $399 and I refuse to ever buy another Acer.
Seen to many that are junk and put them with E machine or Compaq.

Waiting for winter so I can do it sliding down a roof.

Dan, not a major difference, but a difference all the same. I’ve always used OEM batteries in laptops… too many problems with laptops and batteries. (Fire). Can’t really have an effective recall if “one size fits all”.

I use aftermarket batteries in my cell, (pennies on the dollar… $2.50 vs $18.00+), but they only last a year. My last phone lasted 5 years… I came out way ahead. Just be aware… shorter lifespan, and shorter charge span. Make the calculations to decide if right for you.

Acer… best laptop I ever owned. I now have a HP I’m happy with, but I do miss my Acer for everyday use. (Kept charged for ready backup). It was cheaper to replace it with what I wanted, that it was to upgrade it. As prices keep dropping, it will get upgraded sooner or later.

Dale is also a satisfied Acer customer.

I had the same problem with my lifebook
I got the lower one (4600mAh) and has been working every will
I get a 9-10 hours on a charge, unless when running it with wifi, I would say about 6 hours.
Hope that this helps you

I also have the sandy bridge hp and it really is great as well. I also like how the battery could last so long though much of it can be credited to the extra 3 cells plugged in. Though when compared side by side to older notebook computers, the sandy bridge processor really makes the balance in terms of giving power and battery saving measures.

Guys everybody has their favourite laptop/desktop brand. As a former computer technician I saw them all… the most i repaired were HP’s but that doesn’t necessarily mean they are crap maybe just more of them were sold.

The most dead ones I received were Dell but again they sell large quantities…my own dell went south with no explanation dead M/B.
I myself own 2 acers no issues, but I build my own desktops always have!

You take your chances not buying genuine replacement parts …my 2cents.