Computer set up !

Question for some of you old timers in the inspection trade. Who has a good computer/printer set up for inside vehicle. Instead of just putting on seat and floor ?

         Thanks before hand, on lunch break, heading back out !

Not an old timer, but send it paperless as PDF, faster, less costly, (just market as going green). Plus they can send it to whoever you want. I almost never print a report.

Thanks, I meant, what do you sit your computer on/ and printer, have you come across any kind of stand to set it on, came close to sitting on it.

LOL, oops, no I have not seen any type of stand. I use a tablet and set it on the center console…

Thanks !

 May your pot of GOLD be in arms reach !

The center seat of the second row seat in the Durango folds down and makes a nice table. Also, with the on board inverter, I can just keep a printer on the floor.
If I remember, the newer Caravans have a table that fits into a bracket in the floor, like a lot of boats do.

I have only once printed a report on my own printer. Bad idea. Cost is too great, and quality was not good enough. I email a PDF, and charge $40 extra for a printed report.

Good info from all !