Computer Stand - Take Room to Room

I have been using this stand for a while now to place my computer on while doing the inspections. Before I made this stand, I left the computer on the kitchen counter, and made note trips back and forth through the house. Now, I simply take it to the room I am inspecting and place it against a wall (less likely to bump into it when turning around). The stand has a plywood top (wish it was solid wood) and has about 4 inches of blocking under it to ensure the top stays level. I have thought about adding Velcro to base and computer, but have not. Keeping it against a wall… never had a mishap.

I know different inspectors use different data collection / input systems. Others may already being using this… Maybe this will help someone. :roll:

You you take it into attics and crawlspaces?

Nope… It is photo-note time there…

I agree, nap time in attics and crawlspaces.

Nah, too much work. You should get something like this inspector from Florida. I hear he is just trying to find a toilet on wheels to make it complete. :mrgreen:

For another time-saver,

Check out these cool inventions

Stephen, that is the Limited Edition. Mine is the basic model.

I use the HP touchsmart tm2

This is all a joke ,right?

This is a possible purchase for me next year.