computerized reporting software

I am currently using a written report and would like to go to a computerized report. There are so many different software packages out there I don’t know where to start. If anyone has any suggestions I would love the feedback.

Also when using a computerized report if you do not have a pocket or tablet PC do you just take notes on a pad and bring it back to your office and put it in the report? Thanks.:slight_smile:

There are a ton of threads with this specific question, along with much debate. Try these on for size. . .

Find software that you like, then purchase the equipment it was created to run on. Most companies have sample software to download and test.

We purchased the pda, then looked for software. I found one software to run on the brand I bought; 6 or 8 available for an HP pda.

I just dealt with this same issue! I purchased Palm Tech software - I got their demo & it’s easy to use. I’m doing a hard copy (pen & paper) in the field for now…then input the data on my desktop…but you can also incorporate a Pocket PC. Which I plan to do the first of the year.
I highly recommend getting the Palm Tech demo & take a look! it’s easy to use & makes a great report.

Thanks for the info. I am looking into home gauge software right now. I figure I can use a laptop to do most of the report onsite and then fine tune it when I get back to the office.
I read a lot of good things about the home gauge software on the message board. What do you guys think about it?

Home Gauge is the best. I have written about 70 reports now and I couldn’t be happier. I complete all reports on sight. One of the great features is the CYA check your answers. Very helpful. When I have called them for questions they are quick to answer. Great support. All the feed back I get from my clients has been positive. The program is easy to add to as well.

As well I use the lap top that they recommend. Not needed. Any lap top will do. I take pictures only for the inspection then sit down at the table and enter my report. Then I go to my van and print off the report onsight. The average home takes around 3-3 1/2 hours compete with report… Clients are very pleased with the whole process. For my out of town clients this report is web based. I e-mail them the report then they can print it off. NO COMPLAINTS. When I went to the convention in February in Orlando I must have spent 20 hours or more looking over all the different software packages. Home Gauge just felt right.
Very Happy

You should also check out, there are several reporting programs on this site.

Our Resale Reporting software (AI: Field) can be used for both homes and light commercial inspections. The comment library is huge, the visible conditions are easily customized and you can write WDO reports at the same time as you are creating the primary report. Use the template maker and half of your report can be completed before you even show up to the property! The focus of this program is automation, saving you time writing your reports. Average time to complete reports is 30 minutes.

You can download a trial version of the software at the website above. Feel free to contact me with any questions. NACHI members have an exclusive discount on


I have recently reviewed two computer generated report programs, both are in my opinion very good and in no particular order; they are:

  1. Inspect Vue
  2. Hi-Port


I’d encourage you to review HomeGuage before decision making.

Most easily customizable and I like the ability to easily compile sentences using the “SmartText” stuff.

Most programs lack that last part, though it takes a bit of explanation and learning. Once the light bulb clicks on, it is very simple and easy to use.

For example:

The problem(s) discovered in the IDENTIFY(electric/panel) panel, located LOCATION(electrical panel), such as DEFECT(electrical-panel/branch) and any other problems that an electrician may discover while performing repairs need correcting. I recommend a licensed electrician repair as needed.

When I select that item, for each of the asterisked areas, a drop down window with the choices appears. The hard part for me was to take the time to fill out the choices section that appears in each of the little windows to what I wanted them to say (problematic with every software). Once I got that done, I don’t have to do it again. Just click and select a couple of items to get this:

The problem(s) discovered in the main panel, located in the laundry room, such as

  • a. more than one neutral (white) wire per screw on the neutral bus bar (double tapped/lugged)
    {Some electricians (who haven’t done their homework) will tell you that it is OK to have more than one neutral (white) wire under a screw on the bus bar. They are wrong. It has long been required by manufacturer’s instructions and United Laboratories Standard 67. See Attachment “Termination of Neutral Wires”.} and
  • b. wires entering box without strain relief clamp or bushing to protect the wire from the sharp edge of the box and
  • c. white wires being used as hot wires (connected to breaker) without being marked as hot wires and
    *]d. sharp pointed cover screws being used (may penetrate wires inside the box) and
    any other problems that an electrician may discover while performing repairs need correcting. I recommend a licensed electrician repair as needed.