Concerned about newborns in a house that had a meth lab


I’m trying to identify possible risks and harm that can come by moving into a home that had a meth lab in it. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law have purchased a house via sheriff sale in Pennsylvania outrightly that among other things is believed to previously have had a meth lab. They are refusing to get a home inspection. They have 3 children and twins on the way. I’m seriously concerned about the possible health risks, especially to the newborns. If any one can direct me to any kind of information or resources that I could pass on to them, I would greatly appreciate it.

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Here’s an informative article about meth labs and how they affect home structures on the InterNACHI website:

Try this article:

YouTube has a boatload of videos. Start here…

Many of the chemicals used to produce meth are poisonous … and while there may be no “meth” left in the house, it is possible that the chemicals used to produce it (or other contaminants associated with such activities and lifestyles) can exist in the carpet fibers where toddlers can crawl, toys are laid, children can sit … and so on.

It is a legitimate concern and a serious risk that should be carefully considered before making a purchase on a home known to have once hosted such activities.

When you purchase a home with Disclosed Adverse Environmental / Health Conditions…
and Waive Inspections with regard to habitabilty of the Property…

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