Concrete cracks gone wild

Hi. I need some information…I had a inground pool put in ,July 24th we used it less than a month then covered it.I went at the pool in November and noticed a crack from one end to the other all the way across the concrete,about 18-20 feet long. it even went across the controll joints…a few weeks went by I go out again and see 3 more cracks…then checked it again in another few months…now I have 12-14 cracks…I know in time concrete cracks but 12-14 cracks within months? does this sound like a foundation problem? thanks for any help

That sounds excessive but…

Where are you?

What are the soil conditions?

Is there water in the pool?

Many variables…

Have you asked/contacted the installer?

What did he say?

I’m in NC,Yes water is in the pool,they finished the concrete & the pool July 24th,and we noticed the cracks a few months later…now the are popping up often.I called the pool company and they either wont return my calls or tell me they will come out to look at it and dont show up.thanks for any help

I don’t know if that last post posted or Im going to post again incase it didn’t.

I’m in NC,yes there is water in the pool…they filled it July,we used the pool for 1 month then covered it and noticed the cracks around the pool in November…the cracks are on the patio around the pool not the pool…sorry I failed to mention that,Yes I have called the pool company and either they wont return my calls or they will say they will send someone out and they never show.this has been going on since November

Im in NC… the concrete is around the pool they put in on July 24th,it started cracking bad just 2 months after the concrete was poured.

I recommend getting a lawyer and hiring another pool installer to check out the installation of your current pool. sounds like a foundation issue where the soil conditions are to soft and the settlement is causing the pool to shift in ways it was not ment to.