Concrete patch on asphalt roofing ..Wow!

Well! After over 40 years of doing this I thought I had seen it all. Yep!
Give me a flippin’ break. I would have rather toted a bucket of bull on the roof than to have mixed concrete…
What the hell were they thinkin’ ?

A little Flexseal on that and it’ll be perfect!

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Maybe it’s hydraulic cement. :lol: :wink:

Probably both…:smiley:

Check for proper rebar.

They told him it was roofing cement at Home Depo. LOL

Yep! To both of you …:smiley:

was there other masonry on the roof that was repaired and the mason just dumped the leftover mortar onto a non visible section of the roof and called it a day? If it was a patch job - how was it working?

Brush-Roll-Dip-Pour baby! :mrgreen:

The roof was leaking and that is how they fixed it.

Common guys most of you that replied are from Florida! Didn’t you know that the guy used cement so it wouldn’t blow away. Isn’t that a new type of roof attachment?