Concrete poured along 1 leaky corner, some of this previously done 1/2 az'd

Warren, Michigan block basement walls, homeowner was leaking in several diff areas, she got many different quotes, almost all were from INT drainage system companies :lying_face: :lying_face:

Initial visit, estimate… of 1 of her leaky corners where concrete is

outside, before we saw cut concrete and she sealed along perimeter of house-concrete

outside, digging it out… what was previously said about exterior cracks? Uh huh :thinking:

outside, other back corner… previously done 1/2 az’d… 'Let’s put this gutter type thingY lol along exterior crack = very stupid YEP, and they backfilled several areas w/all or most of same clay soil lol = more stupid

The crap that was dug out and is all hauled away

it poured long and hard 1 hour after we left, much of the afternoon and all night… nary a drop is basement, hmmmm