Concrete raised foundation questions

Home was built in 1927…looks good on the outside and inside.
No soft spots or settling on the inside.

Here are pics of the exterior foundation walls…
Is the surface finish of the concrete wearing off a concern for the buyer?


Hay David, it’s hard to tell from looking at your photos, it would depend on the extent of spalling/deterioration. Is there any sign of cracking/movement?

Things to consider are what may have caused this deterioration, like excessive moisture from a nearby sprinkler system, since it almost never rains here in southern Cal

No cracks … I will recommend not having the sprinklers point
at the walls…( like you pointed out )

Do they need to refinish the outside of the concrete?

Where I live and the server temp swings (freeze thaw)I would recommend a parge coat.

But where you live and having no cracks Its more cosmetic than dysfunctional.

Thanks …