Concrete Sealing

Client wanted an inspector to look at his new home. Client stated that the neighbors have had issues with the builder and some have resorted to potentially sueing the builder for repairs.

I asked the client what some of the issues where that they are concerned about.

Client stated:
Our neighbors inspector told them that the ground drains toward the house. the inspector also said that the sealer on the driveway did not penetrate deep enough allowing the driveway to crack. Also some issues with the roof.

So here is my question:
Have you heard of anything about sealer needing to penetrate the concrete to a certain depth, if so how would you go about testing something like that.

I have never heard of this before. I was formerly employed by a concrete company for just over 2 years and have personally sealed many driveways. I wanted to tell my clients that the other inspectors claims about the neighbors drive was BS. I wanted to pose the question here first as there is always some wierd bit of information that you just might not know about.

You’re right John, BS.

Hogwash. . .

LMAO.were do people comeup with this stuff?

When someone doesn’t know what the thaw they are talking about they just make up crap as they go along. Not a good trait for Home Inspectors. This is why some in the public and in other trades think home inspectors are a bunch of DAs. The best practice is…if you dont’ know say you don’t know but then go find out. With the internet it isn’t hard at all to find almost anything you can think of.

Thanks was hoping I wasn’t crazy. I thought about asking who the other inspector was but decided to leave it alone. Ill inform my client and tell them if there neighbor would like to talk to me have them call.

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the inspector also said that the sealer on the driveway did not penetrate deep enough allowing the driveway to crack.

You might ask the other party how the inspector determined the depth of the sealer penetration and ask them to get that in writing. After all, in litigation that will be brought up for someone to prove.

From home inspectors!!

I hear stuff like this regularly. Had a call yesterday from a 25 year contractor whose house is for sale. He had a pre-purchase report from the most anal HI around (HI’s an engineer to boot). The HI made a statement to the effect that since it’s an older wood shingle siding (eastern white cedar) expect to have to replace some of the shingles yearly!!

This HI overcalls everything and always gives prices for repair/replacement in his report. His prices are always way over market…that way he’s covered his a-s-s and, in many cases, scared the buyer from the property (and now is revered by the buyer for saving their a-s-s). He then gets a 2nd, and sometimes 3rd, inspection.

Most home owners spout hearsay that there neighbors mid-lower backside spouts out. his but-cheeks and not his mind and then his mouth with fact to back it up…
My past 15 years were dedicated repair work on residential buildings.
I own the company.
I was an apprentice cement finisher (years ago)and learned a lot and will also say times have changed and so have the products.
The challenges I had with f–ing neighbors, engineers, and worst experience was insurance agent (just one lying pric–}. They where mind boggling and totally fabricated for self control of the project I was working on.
You have been given great advise from Mr. Edwards.NEVER FORGET IT PLEASE.
Cement and its products can be found for referencing material easily over the internet.
I have learned to stop that chatter quickly by mentioning to the homeowner that it is hearsay and I will be investigating that issue for HIS satisfaction and to try to stop listening to the neighbors for his own sanity.
It mostly works. Thats why I take photo’s of all my work from start to finish. ( PROOF )

Applying a sealer to newly poured concrete can adversely affect the finish (flacking) however it will not cause cracks.

Just some advice and it is off the cuff so to speak.
As an residential building inspector ,you should not tell your clients about any litigation pending of other personally conceived conclusions about the contractor jobs he preformed you findings about the jobs that were done or others for that fact. ‘‘zip it, zip it real good’’
It is speculation and hearsay till the courts prove otherwise( if it’s being litigated ).
You worked for them ( the company ) so be quiet or you will be in front of the courts being used as whiteness to any event that you partook in.
You will be putting your self in the sights of someone wanting to extract your hard earned monies by saying that.
It is best left up to the consumer to do there home work before using any contractor, to a handyman or other professional trades people to do maintenance , or upgrades to there home.
As a HI you are there to make observations, not conclusions about repairs and fixes and there costs unless the state you are in provides the the right to do so. ( I think? ).
I am just telling you my take on this matter and use my words only for reference and not as fact.
I see there are looking for the one to carry there SUSPICIONS to court with them and you have worked for the company ,well I told you that already.
Do not get involved please.

I listened to the clients concerns. The clients concerns were bases on the results of the neigbors inspection.

As normal in my inspection process I try to address the clients specific concerns and provide them with appropriate information.

My report to the client in no way mentioned the opinions of the neighbors contractor, or the specific language that the client used to address their concerns. I made no mention about the application of sealant.

I feel that I have not done anything to place me in the position of a court issue.

I know what you are saying and you must be good ( to me ) because anyone that questions why that System, material, or process is breaking down , degrading is some one wanting to make conclusions and will dig deeper for fact.
As I understand it, as a HI you are only to point out your observations of said systems, materials and defects. Not to draw conclusions of why such items failed.
Now towards you driveway sealing problem.
It is an inexpensive upgrade and usually has to be done every several years.
These sealers are relatively new to the market place say 20 years or less.

neigbors inspection( your words) is exactly what it is ,a nonprofessional findings and that should be enough for them to set this contractor apart from others.
The word about his abilities. Buyer beware.
I am just pointing out to you, the more you offer them or even 1 they will talk for validation to each other and may draw you in as evidence ( you being a certified residential building inspector ) a professional.
Your hearsay can be used in a court of law. It will carry more weight then ( my neighbor ) unless that neighbor holds some type of degree of competence and even then they may prefer to use and spend YOUR ENERGIES and time on the matter.