Concrete work costs???

Does anyone have any ideas as to the cost of concrete work??? In general or in Maine…

My sister is putting in a garage 24x28 and she got a bid for the ground work (removing some old concrete and adding fill) and a bid for the concrete slab (4" with 10" edges, wire, rebar…)

The groundwork came in at 3995 and the concrete at 2650 for a total of 6645??? Seems high to me…:shock:

a friend did his own forms and put a 28x32 6" slab in for 1200.00 for the concrete (no labor basically)…

This slab is smaller but 1450 more (install labor???)


17 yards @ 80.00/yd = $1,360.00.

Cost sounds high to me. This was last years concrete (March 2006) cost for 3500lb concrete, with fibre. Costs have gone up since March.


That would be a good price here for the concrete work.

The dirt work, I don’t know how complicated the grading is but it doesn’t sound unreasonable.

What is the required depth for frost footing in Maine?
Does the contractor have to find a place to dump the old concrete?If so, what is the disposal fee?
What kind of fill? Price per ton?
What kind of earth moving machine and its rate per hour?

Sounds reasonable for my area.My flat work boys charge me anywhere from $3.20 to 3.60 sf. ,steel included,dependent upon various conditions.

Adding on to something almost always costs more than starting from scratch.
In your case ,for example, there is some concrete removal required.


whoa… hold on there Cheremie… I don’t have a breakdown… just looking at an overall/ballpark breakdown… if the numbers sounded appropriate…

ok… I was not sure if that sounded right… I have not done any concrete work since we built in 89…

the dirtwork is significant… there is part of an old foundation that needs to be demo’d and hauled away as well as plenty of fill… I posted a photo to help…

not putting in a frost wall… likely a breezeway or sim to attached the two

Garage PIttsfield 001a.jpg

Hi. Jeff and hope you are well.

By the time I did calculations, everyone replied, ha. ha.

My understanding is that we are talking of a slab area of 896 s.f.
The concrete volume of 22 cu. yds. = comes up to 1760 at $80 a yd. 2500?, 3000? 4000? PSI. Price different. $1760

Pouring and finishing= 493

Forming, lumber, stripping, re-bar, wiremesh, fibermesh @ $5,00 a yd.
if used = 397

I think you got a good deal.

Slab on grade and attached to the house might worry me a little. Just my opinion.

Hope this helps.



Here are some great calculators for you to use. Put this page on your favorites, send the link to your sister. Huge help.

Thanks John… looks very helpful…

Hey Marcel… I thought I might see you this weekend at the well class down in Portland… pretty interesting stuff…

They are trying to come up with a way to have a breezeway but forgo a frost wall… they are in town Pittsfield and frost should be minimal…

I am trying to give them some ideas on how to attach and still allow for some movement if needed… we’ll see… thanks for input!

Removal of old concrete and backfill involves machinery costs and trucking costs.

Really would have wanted to go Jeff, but was on vacation last week and was just driving back from a Rangely Resort time share that I bought a few years ago. The drive home and back down to Portland, just did not add up.
See you on the next one.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

whoa… hold on there Cheremie… I don’t have a breakdown… just looking at an overall/ballpark breakdown… if the numbers sounded appropriate…

Yes , I understand , but those are the types of things you would have to consider in order to determine weather $6645 is too high or low for that particular job.


wuuups my bad… the garage is only 24*28 which brings the volume down considerably…

calculates out to about 12 cu yds… the concrete guys says 4" slab with 10" around the perimeter…