Condensate drain inside furnace cabinet

Saw this today. The condensate drain line starts on the outside of the furnace cabinet and then turns a 90 and goes straight thru the lower section of the furnace blower compartment. Pretty sure it’s not allowed but couldn’t find anything specific.

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Might cause an access issue while servicing. Other than that I would have to defer.

I am curious what the knock-outs are for?

Here is a wide view. Seems odd for a flue opening, but maybe in a horizontal application??

I am just trying to consider consequence. I do not see any notably issues. But, I am not an HVAC specialist. Typically I see these ran across the top/front.

It is an upflow unit, so no in slab ducts below. Only thing I can imagine is moisture seeps into the blower compartment.

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I don’t see a sediment trap and the WH flue seem disconnected.

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I see some mold/mildew. Clean it and insulate it would be a reasonable recommendation.

With those solid doors and two gas units in that small space, I would be concerned about adequate combustion air supply too.

Yes indeed on the combustion air issue, unless there’s something I’m missing.
Look around. There may be an opening that’s allowing combustion air to be pulled in from outside.

The lower area where the burner sits is sealed behind the panel that sits back 2" - 3". So running the condensate drain line between the cover and that panel isn’t a problem.
That said, the shorter a condensate line can be, the better.

That is a jammed mechanical closet.


Thoughtful use of space. Well done. Definitely a service nightmare, but installation was no picnic either!

Thanks to all. Everything that is mentioned above was included in the report, plus a couple of others not visible in this photo.

Did you mean to say a blower? The lower compartment is where the blower and the MCB is, not a burner. The in-shot burners are right behind the gas valve. So, not sure what you are referring to :expressionless:

Yup. My mistake.
Too much coffee this morning.

There’s no such thing! :wink:


You’re right.
Coffee is often the difference between getting something accomplished… Or not😁

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It looks like they ran the pipe through the furnace because (with the door closed) there isn’t room in front. So, even if there is combustion air supply to that small closet it’s not able to reasonably get into the furnace. The furnace manual likely has clearance specs in it and it should be at a least a few inches in front of it. Doesn’t look like you have anything close to that in this case.

I’m sure the installer could have run the pipe over the furnace and maintained proper clearance’s from the B vent.

The access to the blower motor is now obstructed making maintenance and replacement very difficult.

Put a couple of unions in the condensate line, problem solved.

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