Condensation issue

Just looked at a house where the garage windows get condensation on the inside every night. It leaves as the day warms up. The garage is a large 3 car garage. The gas furnace is located in a mechanical room off the garage, has door that remains closed, and is vented to the outside. No other houses in the immediate area seem to have this issue. I can’t find a source where the garage would consistently get enough moisture to form condensate.

Anybody have any thoughts or run into the condition???

Cool out side warm moist air inside .What is the humidity reading in the home .
Mine is 44% and they are clear every morning

In a unconditioned space anything can happen.

What did you do to look?

The garage space is 100% finished with drywall, painted, unheated.

Were cars brought in while it was raining and the cars were soaking wet?

How old is the house and how long ago did they drywall?

What do you mean by “inside”?

Between glass or on the garage side?