Condensation Line Drainage Problem

Condensation line runs horizontal for about 2 ft , has a 90 and runs horizontal for about 6 ft and then goes under the home with another 90 to drain at the exterior… And to boot it was only 50 degrees outisde so I did not run the AC…

Im looking for some comments on how and why to write this up, I think the line will back up personaly…

hill 004.jpg

hill 004.jpg

Tim why would you want to write it up unless it is traveling up hill do not appear in the pic to be wrong.

You see the stand pipe with the cap installed that is for bleach to keep the cold water slim from building in the condensate line. All A/C units will form a slim and stop up over time. Recommend that bleach be added at least twice during the cooling season.

My concern was the amount of 90’s i found…
Thanks for the bleach insider.

Tim If I was overly concerned that it did not drain properly I would pour a little water down the stand pipe and watch to see if it appeared outside???

Water should be able to make a 90 degree turn. I’m not aware of any rule about the number of bends.

if this was for a tpr valve, there would be concern.

since the condensate is not under any pressure, so to speak, i see no issue.

as long as it can drain via gravity, all is fine.