Condenser Sticker Amps vs. Breaker in Service Panel

Happy Wednesday All!
I found an AC Condenser noting Max Fuse 40 A. At the service panel I see two 30 Amp breakers bridged at the toggle. Would this constitute Over Fusing/Breaking? And therefore deficient…?

No. There may be an issue with ‘under fusing/breaking’, depending on what the condenser data plate called as minimum circuit amps.

The minimum ampacity listed on a data plate relates to the size wire that can be used for the unit not the breaker rating.


The two breakers are still supplying 30 amps of over current protection, not 60. If the breakers are not tied together, then each one would supply 30 amps of over current protection.

OK thank you Gents!

Does the wire size not relate to the breaker size?

Can you not run 40 amp wire from a 30 amp breaker (if it fits in the breaker) and still have a 30 amp circuit?
Please explain “Voltage Drop” as it refers to wire sizing.