Condenser unit not level

Is it a problem if the A/C condenser unit is not level on its pad. Actually the pad is not level. This is a first for me.

Nyland-A.C unit not level.jpg

Yes, units 8-10° or more out of level should be reported as such. This condition can affect compressor operation, lubrication and places excessive stress on the freon lines and connections. I would definitely recommend an HVAC tech further inspect and repair the one in the photo.

Yes that is too much. For heatpumps I always liked to leave the pad slightly off level to allow for good drainage during the heating season. Otherwise you get a big ice build-up around the bottom when they would defrost.

So how does your car A/C work?

Would you please elaborate this issue in detail?

It’s all in how things are engineered and designed. Car systems are designed for cars, taking into account speed, stops and starts, turns, G-forces, etc. Home systems are designed for homes where such conditions are not expected.

Thank you very much. This will help