Condensing units reduced to glorified rabbit cages

Some vandals who knew what they were doing took only the coils from these condensing units. They even had the courtesy to leave the disconnect plugs inside the cage.

Common occurrance around south Fl but usually the cages are strewn about, at least they are neat thieves.

Those thieves left some good scrap metal. Not too smart.

Funny, I would think you could get more for the whole unit than just the coils. At least they did not strip the wiring and plumbing out of the house. or did they?

The other parts of the unit have serial numbers on it.
They were there a month ago when the buyer looked at the house.

Don’t tell anyone!

They are too stupid not to caught…

Can you tell me the SN for your HVAC unit?!
I don’t think so.

If an undocumented person in this country can get a collage grant, I assure you they will even get warranty service on a stolen unit…

This year, for obvious reasons, there’s been a run on R-22 Condensers.

I’ve shown up to a dozen or more that have the left over line sets cut by a saws-all, but I’m sure who ever stole the units really cleaned the system of all the filings, prior to re-installing it. Right…

Oh, you think they recover any R22 when they’re stealing 'em? How does all the escaped R22 fit into the EPA’s improvements to our environment? :slight_smile: