Condo Bob....yeeeesh!

I have had two seperate clients call me Condo Bob Today.
This is from you guys.
Clients do read the boards.

Thanks…I think :roll:

I am trying to get your name changed to “techno-bob”!!! I will start a petition or something!

Sounds to Disco.
I think someone saw the above on Yelp or twitter.

At least they didn’t call you " Condom Bob " :mrgreen:

That might be more appropriate! :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

Jeff, around here we use polls.:stuck_out_tongue: Go ahead, try it.:smiley:

chicago condo bob

You’re famous

You may be the one who started it.
Just wait!

I am patient and will strike from the shadows.

Actualy, I have always hated those damn things,and they always bust :slight_smile:

Guess that helps explain some of it.

The clients whom call ,always say they see me being discussed on sites I have never visited.

Just a reminder that there is all kinds of info out there you may not know about.

I think todays client said he saw a conversation about which Inspector they should call on Yelp,and my name came up.

I have never been on that site.

I just wish they’d stop calling me “Scraper Gerry” :wink:



What you been scraping at?
Tried that keyword we disscused, and got dispatchers:)

He scraped the hair off of his head:p:p:p:mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Bet he still gets all the ladies ,with that Limey accent and XXX head.

It’s that coon skin hat that attracts the ladies.:wink:

How the heck do you inspect wearing those things? :mrgreen:

You’d better believe it Linas, they all want to stroke my tail :shock::wink:


Remeber when I sent you those inspections? I told them that you were called “condo bob”.

Should I have said “Condo Robert”?

Actualy, she said you told her I was the Condo King.

Everyone took my cards ,that I always forget to pass out.

It’s tough being cheap.

Today’s client got a ride in my 92 Aerostar to Prudential Plaza with no heat and body rust.

Still looking for a Condo Mobile.

Classy guy, Bob :mrgreen: