Condo Bob....yeeeesh!

Jeff, it is, now, “Techno Bob”.

Those clients are behind the times.

That’s good, no matter what they cal you! :mrgreen:

True, at this time of year.

Yeah ,I am sure he loved the smell of stale cigarettes.

After putting in a new battery,new tires ,new brakes,new water pump,and new ball joints to go along with new shocks in the last 6 months, I figured it may be the best option to get me through another winter.

I will be lucky to get $500 this spring when I sell it ,and it still has a great engine.
I am getting near 20 per gallon and never had a tuneup .

**Congrats! **Why not market yourself that way, just tell your clients to search on google . . . chicago condo bob . . . you come out top here as I did the search, here’s what google return for me in top two spots:
. . . what more could you ask for?

Thanks, I had Condo Bob suggested once and saw it was taken.
I may be adding more sites later on and will keep that in mind.

Not the prettiest to an Inspector ,but then I am not marketing to Inspectors.

Just a quick tip.

You could get or Bob.

Net is for losers:)

You seem nervous Rick (is that a stutter?)
My Bears are gonna kill your Saints ,you traitor.

they’re not my Saints, I just think they’ll win tonight. :frowning:

I hope I’m wrong.

About the website, just trying to help. :mrgreen:

Already with the poor excuses.
I will go look in storage for my violin, and play you a sad song, you low down worthless turncoat.

Ditka would choke you ,wear you stand.

LMAO, you trying to get nominated for “MB battle of the year” already?

My 7 year old son can sing every word of “Bear Down Chicago Bears” (since he was 5). :cool:

Some of his first words were “Packers Suck” :cool:

In my heart I want them to win, in a contest where you have to pick the actual winner, I gotta go with the Saints.

Again, I hope I’m wrong.

Now go buy a truckand give me the free one! :cool:

Surprised you don’t already have it then. :wink:

First off ,I live in the city and do not chew on straw and second of all ,why in the world would you think the Bears will lose at home to a pansy Dome Team that they have beat 3 times in a row and the last two meant something.

Go get you Viking hat and blow a horn or something you snake oil salesman.

Bob, this evening I will be in full Bears regalia (Hat, #54 Jersey, Zubas, Slippers, boxers, wrapped in a Bears throw, while drinking from a bears pint glass) cheering for them when they do well, threatening my TV when they don’t.

If you want to argue with me, at least wait 'til spring training starts.

Drew Brees vs Bears Secondary

No contest.

Bress 375 YDS, 3 TDs, 1 INT (Payne)

Anybody vs Saints defense

Orton is looking good again and we have a real running back now.
Though I still wear my number 35 jersey.
Guess who?

Neal Anderson


Roland Harper (more likely, considering your age. ;-))

Watch that age stuff sonny.
I remember Harper well as he did a great blocking job for Sweetness.
I am refering to the last Bear Rookie to rush over 1,000 yards.

(hint) 2001