Condo for sale

Anybody interested in a 2 bedroom condo for sale in Toronto. Here is the MLS# since there is too much to list. E1012201

Don’t forget this one Gerry.

Did you forget your meds Wendy?

Did you?

Or is it male menopause?

Midlife Crisis?

All of the above?

Alright Wendy, Do not stir the pot if you do not want to get burnt…:twisted:

He attacked first Mark. Read aaaaaaaalllllll the posts.

I have been trying to keep up with both of you. Be the professinal like I know you are and take the first step to walk away from Geery. It will come back to bit him in the end. He is now trying to pull me into it. Like I have been telling every one, "read the code of ethics #3 section #3. I am not directing this at any one person or persons.