Condo inspection

I had a commercial inspection and the Pres of the condo asked me about doing these inspections. Anyone do these and know anymore info? The statute is listed below

(6) As to any condominium building greater than three stories in height, at least every 5 years, and within 5 years if not available for inspection on October 1, 2008, the board shall have the condominium building inspected to provide **a report under seal of an architect or engineer authorized to practice in this state attesting to required maintenance, useful life, and replacement costs of the common elements. **However, if approved by a majority of the voting interests present at a properly called meeting of the association, an association may waive this requirement. Such meeting and approval must occur prior to the end of the 5-year period and is effective only for that 5-year period.
See F.S. 718.113 (6)

Common elements: structure, paint, elevators, walkway carpet, railings, alarm systems …

Enginneers do it, but the boards generally don’t vote to have it done until they see an obvious problem like spalling concrete on the balconies. In order to perform one you just need an enginneer to bill it out, anyone working for him qualifies although it’s best if you are a general contractor or state certified building inspector.

Thanks Brian