condo issues

I have done a few condo inspections and I have seen some of the same building code issues during most of the inspections… So I’m wondering if there are exceptions for condo’s and how do you report on them?

For example,
[FONT=Calibri]- [/FONT]Egress window to high or won’t open far enough for someone to get out… The same windows on all 1000 rooms that were built and passed code inspection…
[FONT=Calibri]- [/FONT]Bedroom without a window
[FONT=Calibri]- [/FONT]Sub panel without a single disconnect. The main 20 floors down probably has one but does that count?
[FONT=Calibri]- [/FONT]Do you take the time to have the maintenance guy open the utility room to inspect the main service? I usually do and I’m getting the impression this isn’t the norm…
[FONT=Calibri]- [/FONT]What do you do when the owners closet is locked and it has the A/C and/or water heater in it? No key available.

No exceptions.

Remote distribution not required to have main.

No such thing as a bedroom without a window because it is not a bedroom.
(listing is wrong-point that out)

I always make them open needed access areas and care less if the norm because if it is locked thats fine as long as someone is always there to open it so (consider it a test)

Condo Bob