Condo Mits

Okay now…I would like to know if someone can help me. There are 2 mitigation forms…Right? 1-OIR-B1-1802 (Residential) 2-MIT-BT II & III (4 to 7 stories). I have seen and used the automated form for residential but not for condominiums (Types II & III). Is there one that is automated?


I have one if you send me an email I will send it to you. It is too large to post.

Hi John, I have yet to find the automated version of either. If you could send them it would be great.

send me an email ( john @ )

Thanks John.

My email is

May be a duplicate but

Do you know that you need a BC of GC license to fill these out?
“a resident licensed General, or Building Contractor, a Licensed Building Inspector, a Registered Architect, an Engineer in the State of Florida, a Building Code Official (who is duly authorized by the State of Florida or its county’s municipalities to verify building code compliance).”*