Condo Townhouse with Multi Unit

I did a pre-list inspection the other day on a single unit of a six family condo townhouse.
I found a few items that I noted in the report (GFCI’s, Dryer Vent Duct material, etc…)
One item that I called out was the step from the living unit to the balcony which was deeper than normal because I almost fell when I stepped out onto the balcony (the agent by the way almost tripped himself when he went back inside). I put this on the report as a trip hazard and to have this looked after.
He sent me an email saying this is no good and that I should revise the report to say that these items were ok when the property was built and to code at that time and that if I wanted to call it out then it should say that its part of the whole condo unit and I could recommend upgrade as a comment.

How do I respond to this? Your thoughts. Has anyone come across this with regard to condo association items.


A trip hazard is a trip hazard. No changes.

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I don’t change my report once its send. As mentioned, a trip hazard is a trip hazard!

Max, you were inspecting one condo not the whole complex.

If you found the step to be a potential trip hazard, that is what goes in your report singularly.

Ok thanks everyone. I guess it is what it is.


Max, how tall was the step?

I think it was around 8". I don’t have it in front of me.

I think that is the max riser hight.

Tell him that you’re going to contact the buyer and let them know that the realtor contacted you to change the safety deficiencies to favor the sale of the home. That will change his mind.

Only Problem is, This is a Pre-Listing Inspection, there is no buyer.

Agents just don’t get it. If they want a glowing review of the property, Let them Write that fluffy crap, that is their job.

Yes, that’s what I kinda told the agent (in a nice way) that if you didn’t want to find stuff or just want a report showing all is good, then why did you hire me?
Anyway, appreciate the feedback.
Have a great weekend everyone.