condo unit door code in philadelphia

Greetings all,

A quick (hopefully) question.

Does anybody know (can provide reference to) what is the building code requirement for the door entering into a condo unit in the city of Philadelphia?

(ie) metal, solid, fire rating etc.



Entering from a corridor? Entering from the exterior? If from a corridor, and the corridor walls are fire-resistance-rated, then the door needs to be labeled in accordance with the wall rating. If entering from the exterior, I don’t believe any rating or any other such requirement exists, other than energy usage requirements.


Entering from a corridor, it is a three story with three units.

The bottom unit has a metal door the middle and upper do not.

Thanks for any (additional) help.


There are no requirements that I am aware of. I see all types of interior doors for condos and apartments here. Raised panels, solid core, metal, metal skin, etc.

It would be in the Philadelphia City Code that is available online if it is in there at all.

It depends if the corridor walls are fire-resistance rated or not. The code won’t tell you that. Plans on file in the building department might. If the wall has a one-hour rating, the door needs to be a “C” Label door. If it’s a 2-hour rated wall, the door needs to be “B” Label. If the wall is unrated, the door, of course, would not require a label.

Normally, corridor walls are designed top have a fire-resistance rating. What rating they have depends on a bunch of factors.