Condo Unit Wind Mitigation Questions

Good evening fellow inspectors.

Today I completed a wind mitigation inpsection for a unit owner of a condo building.

The building is three stories and the unit is the middle building. The roof (or the floor of the top unit) is a reinforced concrete deck. However, the building has a wood truss system that is attached to the wall with huricane clips.

My question is:

Do I select “reinforced concrete roof deck” and “structural” for the middle unit owner or do I fill in the information based on the wood truss system on top of the building which would be a 6d nail and hurricane clips?

Also for the number of stories do I indicate it is three stories tall or just one story?

Again this is for the middle unit owner in a three story condo building. Not being done for the whole building.

Building is three stories tall. First two floors reinforced concrete with the top floor having a wood truss system.



Wood truss, three stories

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but most individual condo unit policies do not grant wind mitigation discounts…unless it is set up like a townhouse, where the individual is insuring basically the whole structure sans the roof. That said, John is correct, you would be using the 6D nail, clip selection, 3 stories

Thanks for the feedback guys.