Condo Wind Mitigation

I’ve been asked to do a wind mit on a three story condo complex. They want to have me inspect one unit and make the wind mit valid for the entire building.

How do I label the address on the WM form? They would like the form to reflect the entire building. The curve ball is the building has a number range - 111-113 Smith Street.

How should I approach this?

Make them get the form they want you to use from their agent. You may or may not be qualified to do so. It also stops the BS of them saying you used the wrong form if you use what they provide.

My experience is it is almost always 1802 which is not designed for that purpose but that is normally what they want so I give it to them.

You also need to be aware of opening protection as it may be up to each unit owner. If for whole bldg and one unit not protected all screwed.

Thanks. How about the multiple street numbers. Is that an issue?

A bldg will have only one number normally. Separate numbers I would imagine would require separate forms=more pay. Make sure if different bldgs exist you inspect EACH one.

Uasually cheap bastards get these jobs. I bid what they are worth and rarely get them.

Label it with the physical street address without the unit numbers and list it in the HOA name.

Make sure you charge enough so when each individual unit owner wants it in their name for their individual policy renewal you will be compensated or charge per individual as it occurs. :wink:

Oh yeah!
I’d get permission to put notices on every door titled:
save on your insurance!
You’d have to make a visit to rate it for having shuts or not.

If the building is truly street number 111-113 list it that way on the form. Name should be the name of the HOA. Use form 1802 in this application. Don’t do any opening protection.

We do HOA wind mitigation all the time. We have done as many as 40-50 buildings in one day.

40-50 Sweet days!