Anyone going to the COA Atlantic City event in April?

I’m going to the one in October.

Sitting this one out.:frowning:

See you there

Shameless plug…I love it!

Yup, see you there.

How is that a shameless plug? I am going, I get only knowledge, skills and friendship for going.

I’ll definitely be there.

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I’ll be there, my first! For the classes, camaraderie and poker…not necessarily in that order.

Today is the deadline to get the reduced rate. I signed up early last year and saved a lot of money. I will sign up a little later and make the payment. Need to get it done before I head out to the stadium to watch the patriots defeat the Ravens this evening. Go Pats

GO RAVENS!!!:twisted:


I 'll be there. I might want to pick your brain on a few things regarding your multi inspector firm.

We can do dinner or drinks

Why it is so close to you?

Other than saying hi to Dom and Troy Pappas, it wasn’t worth it. Just one man’s opinion.

Got it