Confession of a home inspection trade association founder.

One of the reasons NACHI has been so successful: NACHI began at about the time it looked like licensing was going to begin to become adopted everywhere. NACHI, unlike other associations, was from the very beginning designed and built to be a post-licensing trade association. Almost everything we do is attractive and useful to licensed inspectors.

Your world view was a bit skewed, but that’s okay. Those of us who are eternally unlicensed love NACHI, too.:wink:

I agree with both of you, some associations believe that in a licensed environment education will cause inspectors to join.

Yes, education is important but without marketing it doesn’t matter what qualifications & training you have if you are not out daily inspecting homes.

NACHI has placed its emphasis on marketing its members to the public and driving customers its members which is most important especially in a licensed state.