Conflict in SOP?

Is there a conflict in the InterNACHI Residential SOP -

between Section 2.2.II.P.
Section 2.10.I.G.

I see no conflict Ben.

If you say so Ben. I report visible damaged windows, but do not verify the intergrity of all the visible window seals.

Exterior: 2.2.II.P: determine the integrity of the thermal window seals or damaged glass.

Interior: 2.10.I.G: and report as in need of repair any windows that are obviously fogged or display other evidence of broken seals.

Maybe a little. 2.2.II.P talks about determining the integrity of the thermal seals, where 2.10.I.G talks about obviously fogged or display other evidence of broken seals.

Technically I don’t think there is, but it is confusing, and when you start to mince words, it can get folks into trouble. Perhaps some additional clarification on these would be in order.

I read those sections this way.

the first part means we aren’t required to determine if the seals are good. Difficult to do in most cases.

The second part means we will report seals as failed if there is obvious evidence of fogging (which means it has clearly failed).

One keeps us from being responsible should we look at a window which is actually a failed window but is warm enough not to show fogging. No evidence visible, no requirement to report.

But if it’s fogged we have to report to be in line with the SOP.

No conflict at all.

Not all damaged seals or insulated glass problems are obvious.

Those that are get reported those that may be but do not display evidence during the “visual” inspection do not get mentioned.

I think glass is more of an interior comment and outside is more storms,screens , flashing and framing.

No conflict whatsoever.