Conflict of Interest Essay

Upon inspecting a property near a local river there is a stain along the bottom of the wall in the porch facing the body of water. The stain appears to be water damage from a recent flood. The real estate agent is telling the client that the stain is an old one that is nothing to worry about; suggesting a new coat of paint will take care of it. Upon further inspection the inspector feels overly soft, squishy drywall and baseboard in the area. The realtor brings the client to another area of the house and returns alone. The realtor offers a bonus if the inspector minimizes the comments on the report; stating that the seller, a personal friend, has had much trouble selling the home and is “very motivated” and would be “very appreciative.”
The inspector is obliged to report the defect as moisture damage and possible mold requiring further repair or remediation. It could be listed as not only a maintenance/repair needed, but possibly a safety concern.