Conflict of Interest

My neighbor knows I’m a home inspector and I have been to their home on a few occasions. I have notice a few items in their home that needs to be done and notified them about the items. They are now in the process of selling their home and has asked me to inspect their home and not identify any items that needs to be addressed as part of the inspection. Should I not conducted this inspection because of the conflict of interest?

You may want to take the Code of Ethics and Standards of Practice classes.

You are obligated to report what you see in regard to the SOP that governs your jurisdiction. You could informally report other things, but if you do an inspection that is governed by a standard you best stick to the standards and report accordingly.

Your call of course but what if another neighbor were interested in the home?

Good luck while you consider.

How are you not going to report what you see. That seems like all sorts of trouble if there asking you to do report and not report defects there going to market there home as inspected by your company . There going to give your report to all potential buyers. Your name and company will be attatched to the report if your overlooking stuff because they told you to or there your friends dont take job. They will sell house and your company will take the hit for it. Tell them to fix what you see and youll change report. I would never leave something out because i new someone. Its my name not theres.

That would never happen. No one is going to pay for a pre-inspection to not know what’s wrong with the home.

Don’t over think it.

Happens all the time. There not paying for the inspection there paying to say they already had house inspected and everything is perfect. It will help them sell the house. There going to use his report against any other people that get inspection.


Another student exersize in the wrong section maybe? FAIL


“Hell, I report whatever my paying client tells me to, with one caveat. Nothing with my fingerprints, name or license number on it.” he said with a sarcastic grin.

And the correct answer goes to Kevin. :smiley:

no soft reports. Not now . Not ever. Let them know if they hire you they will get the best inspection possible, if that isn’t what they are interested in, you can’t help them.

So your “friends” want you to lie. They move away and you will probably never seen them again, ever.

Get new friends.