Confused about the the course altogether

Hey, I’m new here just joined 4 days ago. However i joined to learn all the classes and do my 180hr training to I can get certified in my state. I just started the roof section I’m down to the assignment and honestly I’m confused about a lot I just read maybe like 70% of it . It’s not clicking . I don’t have any back ground in construction or anything close to it . I feel kinda over whelmed like I’m too slow to learn this stuff . :thinking::thinking: Did anyone else have a lack of knowledge or background that felt like this at first

Ariel, I’m sure there have been others in your shoes and they quit or persevered.

Maybe you could see if there is a inspector group in your area and go to the meetings. Often their meetings are educational.

Send an email to and see if there is a group near you. Or, get a list of inspectors in and around your zip code and maybe someone will mentor you.

Or, maybe this is just not for you. Only you will know when you study more and interact with more inspectors.

Good luck!

Thank you ,I appreciate the in-site and additional information . I will definitely look into that