Confused by air intake and flue setup

Sears Comfortmaker
cat 1
Direct vent
Has induced vent in Unit
also has a damper at base of B vent
also has additional power type vent installed in line
approx 15 foot run
goes out side wall in basement

What gives as far as why additional power venting and can this be an issue?
also the air intake is like a cat 4
never seen this on the 11 year old Unit before.

More pics

Is required when: “line approx 15 foot run,goes out side wall in basement”

What is required David ?

It has a draft inducer built in to the Unit .
Are you saying additional fan is required?

also what about that air intake?
should it be piped at least to outside of the Unit ?

I think he means that…

HTH :mrgreen:

Bob, A cat I with draft inducer can only push 15 -20 feet tops, depending on the angle how many elbows, the additional blower assembly at the end of the run finished getting the burned fuel out of the FAU/building, some require a damper, You should have just called.

Got any links to info.

Called who?:slight_smile:

I still need to call it out as it does have a slightly dropped elbow besides the hole.

What about that air intake.
It almost looks like a cat 4.:shock:


Sorry I’m flooded with calls…

The local codes interpret sidewall venting as needing an induced draft.

You have long distance and a side wall application.

Whether it’s right ,wrong or necessary, they may have required it.

There is information on Field Controls web site
and Tjernlund’s web site

These are the systems installed to replace the recalled HTPV High Temperature Plastic Vent systems. And is also to be used where sidewall venting is the only option and is not for use with condensing furnaces.

Thanks for the links but what about that air intake?
I know it is ok mto be drawing inside air but this is drawing inside the cabinet Unit air. (no pipe)

The installation instructions will have to be checked. Normally not an issue unless lack of combustion air is an issue. Which can be verified by a combustion test of flue gases and draft measurement. There are air louvers on the front of the furnace and that is where combustion air is drawn into the furnace from the mechanical room. If combustion air is adequate in the mechanical room combustion test should be good.

Yes I know that but issue is if it can be drawn from inside the cabinet .
There is not even a short section of sch 40 .(see pic)

My first sentence. The manufacturers installation instruction must be checked.

Difficult to obtain at 11 years old.
I tried.

What is the manufacturer and model number?

comfortmaker (Sears)
I pictured the plate in my pics.

Got little from furnace compare.
Do you have a good lookup link?

That is an optional hook-up.

I won’t mention the dozen or more other issues I see. I’m sure you covered them…

Maybe not :stuck_out_tongue:
Please list what you see.
There are many but not all in the pics here.
Yes lots of debris (clean filter) haha

Contacted a wholesaler and that is an option.

After looking at your photo the furnace ID Tag on the far right at the top part of the tag is cropped out but the second line does say “or direct vent”

Bob combustion air is not an issue as long as the room is not a confined space.
Is this in Chicago??

Called Me