I am confused on where to go next.
Complete SOP Course
Complete COE Course

Next would be the “Online Inspector Examination”?
But I see questions in there that are out of my scope.

Where do I go next? Is there a place that shows step by step of what to do?

Try to get out with some inspectors the knowledge you get will help you big time .
Please send me your phone number and when I can call . All the best Roy
Anytime Sir

Is your question what you need to do next to become a member?

Take the exam till ya get the correct score. Are you looking to become a home inspector?

What have you been doing up until now?

Good Luck.

Roy is a good guy that can give you a ton of tips.

Start out by going to your control panel in the top left of this screen and fill out your profile and location.
Your location can make a difference in what you need… for instance in Florida there is 120 hours of classes required. Then goto your member only and goto your home page and click on education log and it will show you what you have done and what you need or can do.

“Take the exam till ya get the correct score”. That is what I figured out, find my weak points and take lessons in them.
I was an auto-tech for 30 years, now own a Vape Store (eCigarettes), “jack-of-all-trades” but much more to learn to become an inspector.
I am on the Eastern Shore in Maryland with much time, so I plan to become an inspector.

How about taking some real courses, such as electrical, plumbing, structural, etc. Whatever you feel weak at. The SOP and COE are an important part of our profession, but are of little help at knowing how to inspect a roof.

Don’t know much about you Richard but…you might consider continuing to do what you are doing.
Inspecting for clients is not a walk in the park. It might appear to be, but rest assured, it is not!

I’m with Michael. What is it you are trying to do? Become a member? Set up your company? Make more money? Gain competence? Grow your business?

Communication is a big part of being an inspector.