Congats Ladies!!!!

US Women win the World Cup!

Yes, CONGRATULATIONS!!! :smiley:


Yes I was watching. Great win!!!

I saw the end of the game.

A very nice win for the USA Women’s team.

Congrats to the Women’s Soccer Team. Nice win.

And a pox on the World Cup for forcing them to play on that damn artificial turf. They would never do that to the men’s teams.

USA USA!!! 4 goals in the first 16 mins. Couldn’t get any better than that :smiley:

We were talking about that last night also. My family are HUGE soccer fans and watch all the games. ManU is the team. (but they are from Manchester so it is a given)

On a recent inspection the client asked me if I played a lot of soccer.

I replied no. She said I walked like her brother who played a lot of soccer.

I just let that one go.

Injuries are about the same Grass or Modern Artificial -turf

Not at all. The temperature of the artificial turf was measured at 120 degrees when the outside temperature was 75 degrees. Knee / ankle / joints are the type of injuries they track, not skin abrasions. But the argument is moot. THE MEN’s World Cup is only played on real grass because they won’t play on that crap.

Real grass does not cause burns and scrapes like these. It is the damn plastic turf.

Your opinion does not seem the same as the facts I have read.
Others have been hurt on real grass too .

Once again, I am not talking about ankle, knee, hip, ligament injuries. The skin BURNS are unique to the plastic turf.


And then there are the carcinogens present in ground tires. Nike has it correct with their NikeGrind, a different filler made from ground athletic shoes. It has none of the lead dust or other carcinogens present in the ground tires used by most FieldTurf applications.

And then there is THIS ISSUE.

Use of ground tires for various applications has had known issues for years. I became aware of it when it was being used as filler for horse riding arenas a dozen years ago.