Congrats Chris

Hi to all,

Wow, I get to deflower the new message board :smiley: , what an honor.

Congratulations to Chris on intergrating all the other databases that make this BB work, I know it has been a huge task.

I love the functionality of the new BB especially the wysiwhatsit

We done Chris :mrgreen:

NACHI rocks



Congrats Chris… and Gerry for breaking it in.


I like the “Go Advanced” option.

  • I
  • can’t
  • tell
  • you
  • all
  • how
  • much
  • I
  • have
  • wanted
  • a
  • working
  • list
  • function

This is just too cool


Gerry (easily pleased) Beaumont

Quit Butt kissing :slight_smile:

Very nice…:smiley: