Congrats to InterNACHI's Chris Morrell: He had an 8lb, 6oz. baby girl tonight.

Mother and baby are fine.

Congrats Chris!!!



Great to hear, Have great time they grow so fast

Congratulations Chris to you and yours. :slight_smile:

Congrats Chris! Enjoy!


Congrats also

Congrats Daddy!!!

Life will never be the same.


Ain’t that the truth! Congrats Chris…

Start cleaning the shotgun, the boys will be around soon enough:D

Congrats Chris,

Start saving for college now, I can only imagine what it will cost by the time she is ready to go.

Awesome Chris! Your first?

Congrats Chris!

Congrats Chris

Congrats Chris!

He had an 8lb, 6oz. baby girl tonight.

Hope it wasn’t too painful?


Congrats Chris.

Post a pic when you get chance.

Best wishes to all! Latest figures I saw claim it will cost you $500k to get her thru college but with a little sacrifice and planning you can get the cost down to $495k. Good luck.

Congrats. Everyone is doing fine I hear.