Congrats to John McKenna, Joe Farsetta, Gerry Beaumont, Kenton Shepard, Ben Gromicko.

South Dakota Real Estate Commission has approved them all as home inspector instructors:

Congrats guys!

Thanks Nick,

I know I speak for all (chime in guys) in saying how much we appreciate the recognition, many of us are certified trainers in several States, but it is nice nice to have iNACHI publicize the fact.



When do I get a coon skin cap like Gerry? :slight_smile:

Only very “special” instructors get to wear the “Coon of achievement” hat John :wink: we have corks on our silverware to proove it!!



I live in a city that was named after the American hero of the ol west called Davy Crockett,
who was famous for wearing a coon skin cap. Everytime I see your hat, I feel like I
should be wearing it, since I live near the city of Crockett. Wanna sell it.?

Thanks Nick!

Maybe Crockett, Texas?

Congratulations gentleman.

NACHI is proud of you guy’s!!! Congratulations!!

Don’t let Gerry fool you. that looks like the duffers coon skin!

LOL, Nah Mike the Duffers’ version comes to a point at the crown :mrgreen:




And I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome my own brother to InterNACHI’s gang of accredited home inspector educators.

Ben was a home builder for many years, was a home inspector for his successful inspection company for a decade, is a Certified Master Inspector, has a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education from the University of Pittsburgh, has a state public education teaching certificate, and isn’t afraid of being in front of a camera.

and… Ben is great guy and honest man. :wink: