Congratulations 2010 iNACHI Awards Recipients!

Congratulations for making 2010 a great year for our fellow members!

2010 U.S. Member of the Year:**

Dan Bowers


2010 Canadian Member of the Year:**

*Chuck Crooker

2010 Inventions and Innovations:**

*Joe Farsetta – Inspector Arbitration

Congrats to all, and looking forward to bigger and better things from them all in the coming year… Great job Guys…

What Mark said. :smiley:

Congrats everyone!

We just got back from vaction. Thanx to all. Real nice honor.

Good job guys!

I will be ordering the Awards for the Winners this week and they will ship direct from the Manufacture.

Congrats to all.

Charles I have your mailing address, thanks to a member.

Congratulations to everyone… well deserved.

I would also like to thank the committee for all they’re hard work.

Congratulations to everyone !!!

Always a bridesmaid. Groomsman?