Congratulations Dennis and Yolaine Bonner!!

Many congrats and blessings to Dennis and Yolaine on the birth of their Baby Boy!!!

Congrats! Now can you sayu lifestyle change? Welcome to parenthood. How about some pics?

the good news is you only have to perform an average of 40 home inspections per year to pay for the new baby (18 years). Annual cost:

new work vehicle (5 yrs)… 25 HI’s
Internachi membership… 1 HI
New baby… 40 HI’s (if wife stays with you)
New baby… 180 HI’s (if wife leaves you)

Disclaimer: Rates subject to change and this statistical sampling is based upon no real criteria. Moral of the story: Babies are expensive but wives are more expensive.

congrats on your little bundle of joy!

Congrats!! Enjoy!!


Congrats to the Bonner family

Woo Hoooo. Congrats I wish you all the best.

Congradulations from Ines and I!

thanks everyone were stoked! Welcome Patrick to the family

Congratulation Dennis, Yolaine…!