Congratulations Jacksonville

What a game… Go Jaguars! :smiley:

That was incredible.

Great game. The Jaguars earned this one. Even with Roethlisberger’s amazing 4th down TD passes.

Lets hope the same teams shows up n New England.

I would love to see someone besides New England in the Super Bowl.

You Dudes should be ashamed for cheering people that don’t respect our country’s flag. I personally will never watch a pro football game again

Your loss

No loss at all

There’s more than one way to make America great… :roll:

Thank you Jacksonville for a very enjoyable game last week, watching Pittsburgh lose (did you see the look on Tomlin’s face!) was so very satisfying. I wish you well, but not so much this week against my team the Patriots; if you move on I will support you in the Super Bowl. Leaving my house this morning at 9 am to drive to the game for tailgating, should be a fun game, Jags a better team than some believe.

So close… :lol:

Go Vikings!

Just not close enough…not so close for Vikings either.

Not sure who to hate most, Philly or New England… :lol: