Congratulations to my friends Steven B. and William D. AKA "Billy"

On their Level 1 Certification!

Hey guys!

         That's great news! Congratulations to you both, on achieving
    your level one. Where do you go from here? What's the next
    mountain you're climbing?

Now to get the course and camera back will be the next venture and starting the marketing for the company

Thank You Gentlemen. I have a good feeling the time and cost involved will pay dividends for us. Now the real work begins to secure the market here in Kingston and area, and educate those who can benefit from this service.


In Romania we don’t have level 1 certification because there is no NACHI!

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My real name is Raymond Wand, from Home Inspection Services. I give Blow Jobs to any dissatisfied clients. I also offer baby sitting services [boy’s only] to all clients.

I have been expelled from NACHI, ASHI and OAHI for ethics violations. I serve on the Heritage Committee of the Town of Caledon [my days are numbered with the town] as of today. I pray that Mario doesn’t follow through with his promise and e-mail the committee. There is a women on the committee that I like, and she has a small child [a boy] and I’m hoping that they will live with me on my farm.

I would like to apologize to all NACHI members for my recent and past posts on this MB.
I promise it will not happen again. Please forgive me.


Raymond Wand

Raymond Wand Home Inspection Service
Since 1991