Congratulations to NACHI Member John McKenna

Happy Easter. My favorite color of egg is violet.


Looks like your trying to tarnish a paying members reputation. being an ESOP member, I thought you would know better. Take it down Jim and stop being an ***.

I prefer, over the eggs, the chocolate rabbits…but my diabetes has kind of ended that treat.

Don’t play stupid unless you really are. this was in a members section and you brought it out to a general area. You’ve lost all control. maybe find an island and chill for awhile and give your brain a rest.

John was graphically pointing out that James Bushart of Missouri and JB from Florida support taxpayer abortions by their uncritical support for the presidents health care bill.

The truth is what it is.

And for those who may be inclined, do NOT attempt to smoke the grass that comes in your Easter basket. It burns. Trust me.

I love Spring time, too. Don’t you?

Save away. :roll::roll::roll:

I for one did not need or want to see the extreme pictures , which are used of course for the shock effect are not the normal for the procedure . that is a WOmens choice and she lives it. and BTW the law.

JB, he had it in a MEMBERS only area. Now you have placed in public view, which I think is wrong, and I suspect you feel the same way. But, you do play by YOUR rules.

Did you complain about the vile pics other have posted?

Keep in mind that the link James posted is not accessible to non members but the description of what it contains is.

nope Mike as i didn’t complain about those pictures. Does not mean i agree with any of it

I know. Just another one of his attempts to twist the system to his benefit. Childish really, but most of us have come to expect nothing more of him.

Jims actions are clearly designed to harm another member. That in and of itself is a violation of the COE. The other members of the Ethics committee should take this seriously and at the very least sanction their fellow member.

The photos are graphic, and they were in the NFE thread until YOU had brought them into the general area. In the NFE thread you have a choice not to look at things like this. YOU, not Mr. McKenna brought them out into the general area disguised in a thread congratulating a Nachi member. YOU should be ashamed of your actions and be sanctioned for them. The general area of this MB has no room for your personal agenda, my personal agenda, or anyone else’s for that fact.



It’s just more of the SOS by the 4 out of work home inspectors.

Nice post, sorry for the recent events between us.:slight_smile: