Congratulations to NACHI Member John McKenna


Linas I hope you not including me in the out of work I am booked to next Tuesday 2 a day
Been busy for the 2 months Get Sundays off lol sometimes. I sure hope things pick up soon.

James the pictures are in the Not for everyone sections of the members only section. You do understand this?

If not let me explain it too you-
This is a members-only forum that contains threads that are not for everyone. These may include messages with religious themes, political views, crude humor, or other content that some might find objectionable.

James, let it go dude and take a break.


This is the main reason I’m not a member anymore, too much nonsense unrelated to our profession. Also the board censorship, which has basically eliminated all of the help “we” use to get with specific problems from non-members that are specialist in their field. They’re basically nonexistent here.

At times there are more than 60 posters logged in, but an inspector is lucky to get help with an issue he is having at that moment because the majority are too busy arguing politics and religion. :twisted: :roll:

Thanks, I hope I don’t get like them when I get old. I like to agitate Frank. I love you too.:stuck_out_tongue:

Sticks and stones may break my bones but names… well you know the rest. Good luck finding work. You are looking aren’t you Jim??

It’s sad. 4 out of work inspectors with nothing better to do with their lives. Pitiful.

Careful those views will get you labeled a baby killer around here, at NACHI women have no rights just ask around… :wink:


And I’ll bet you don’t post your sexual fantasies involving Sarah Palin any where else on except on this MB.

Of course I could be wrong:shock:


You are making false claims again.

Does it ever stop with you? :roll::roll:

What claims?

What part of this is false? :wha?:

I posted no such photos ever. Get it?

No. Didn’t he ask “if you have any”? :wink:

I’ll bet you tell people that you don’t beat your wife either.


bunnies and flowers