Congratulations to our New President

Trump 2016…Time to drain the swamp!

I sure as hell hope so. I have never wanted a president more. She just quit for the night. Maybe a good sign. I just cannot count them chicks till they hatch the way my last decade has been.

  1. Repeal every unconstitutional and illegal executive order by O’Commie - especially bkgrnd checks on gun sales between private individuals.

  2. Replace the AG & instruct them to indict Cankles for treasonous acts that were discovered by Comey/FBI but not acted on by Loretta WHORE Lynch. Instruct AG to charge Lynch as an accessory after the fact.

  3. Immediately SUSPEND O’commiecare, then repeal in the first 100.

  4. Order new AG 2 investigate Soros’ and his involvement in voting machine manipulation. If found guilty, strip him of his dual citizenship, ban him from ever entering the U.S. again and send him back to europe to be with the rest of his Marxist eurotrash brethren. That, or just put a bullet in his head…yeah, I’d be good with that.

Do all this in the first 100 and that would almost account for four years worth of GOOD work in my book.

What else? That’s all I got off the top of my head @ 3:30am :smiley:

Trans-national Globalist Cultural Marxism got B!tch-slapped tonight. That makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Bill & Hillary better hope that Obama pardons them on his way out. My guess is that he won’t in retribution for her dooming his Presidential legacy to the scrap heap of bad legislation and Unconstitutional edicts. I suspect that the new AG might have some different thoughts about how immune ole B & H are to prosecution than Clinton’s appointee.

Where is commie Burkeson??? Nothing to say??

No, he’s like that.
When Comey notified Congress the first time, and Trump surged in the polls, Little Joey disappeared for a few days.

Busy writing checks?

He was caught with his pants down (wink-wink) and is busy working away with his “Meme Generator” and creating fake newspaper quotes to make his return attack on all of us heathens! :mrgreen:

Joey, Joey, Joey, Joey. :slight_smile: Hand cramping up?

Love the picture. Notice she cannot even FORCE a tear. LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP, LOCK HER UP.

A great night for America.

So I am expecting a big Announcement Nick. You Promised :slight_smile:

check orgy island. he’s probably getting rid of the underage sex slaves