Congratulations to PHPIO... Ontario's new home inspection association.

Ah! Nick…help divide and conquer!!

**I don’t believe it **- only a few years ago countless volunteer hours - and lots of money has been spent on frustrating negotiations to amalgamate PACHI and OAHI to only have one united home inspector’s association in Ontario.

The creation of another - **no-good-for-nothing **- organization by some disgruntled former Presidents or Executives with too much time on their hands - will certainly not enhance the reputation of home inspectors in Canada. It only demonstrates - one more time - the regrettable confusion within our industry in Canadian.

Consumers searching for a home inspector in Ontario now have the choice to select an accredited member of OAHI - CAHPI - ASHI - NACHI and/or PHPIO. **This certainly is no progress.

RUDOLF REUSSE - **Home Inspector since 1976 **- TORONTO


Brian, your logic is flawed. If length of time to join an association was responsible for number of members, ASHI would have them all… you can join ASHI in under 35 seconds.

I don’t know what the membership requirements are for NCP, PHPIO, or OAHI.

InterNACHI’s are

ASHI has none.

I would consider joining this assocation but appears to me that you have to become NC to remain a member. This what would stop me I have no interest in the NC as I am already an RHI. In my opinion the only difference is the tiper and the cost of the NC. I find that no matter how many letters or numbers behind your name it makes no differance to the puplic or the agents. Price and the quality of the service provided make the differance.

Rob Parker nails it dead on.

An association relying on the sole benefit of use of its acronym is worthless. Letters mean nearly nothing.

Nor is it fair to state that acronyms are worthless, given that Nachi promotes the use of many of its on acronyms because it has been a proven marketing concept for you and Nachi. Sell the titles. :wink:

Nick Ashi does have entry requirements, been there done that. :slight_smile:

Well, we do!!

**Membership Application Information **PDF Format
One of the major goals involved in the development of CAHPI-Atlantic, has been to introduce a high degree of professionalism into the home inspection field. As with the trades and professions, it’s simply not reasonable to accept into our membership those who are not specifically trained for the inspection work involved.
Although sharing many commonalities, performing professional home inspections draws on a much broader field then simply having a background in one of the building trades. Clients, financial institutions, professional real estate personnel, professional builders, governments, and so forth, have and continue to insist on much more.
One of the steps adopted by CAHPI-Atlantic has been to ensure that all applicants are able to “bring something to the table” in terms of education and/or applicable background training if they wish to become involved in the professional home inspection field.
Therefore, before becoming a member of CAHPI-Atlantic, all potential applicants must submit proof of having a minimum of 12 points from the following:

**Prior Certified training 5 Points **

  • a certificate indicating that the applicant has successfully completed the requirements for one of the certified trades

**Full Recognized Home Inspection course 7 Points **

  • a certificate (copy) as proof of having completed the full (complete) home inspection course provided by such recognized training institutions such as Carson-Dunlop, Humber College, George Brown, and so forth.

New institutions will be recognized and added as the information becomes available. Generally, the outlets which advertise in magazines and on “blow ins” and mail outs are not acceptable to use for this requirement.

**Errors & Omissions Insurance 4 Points **

  • proof of carrying current Errors & Omissions Insurance which covers home inspectors

**Defect Recognition and Reporting Course 3 Points **(ed: 3 day paid classroom course)

  • successful completion of course
  • copy of certificate required as proof

**Successful Completion of the CAHPI or ASHI Exams 3 Points **

  • these exams can be written by contacting the appropriate association

**50 Mentored Inspections 4 Points **

  • observing and/or helping with 50 or more full home inspections by a CAHPI member
  • must provide written proof from the CAHPI RHI member (mentor)
  • inspections observed as part of franchise training do not qualify

**Report Verification: 2 Points **

  • For applicants who have already been involved with home inspection, they may send two of their reports to CAHPI-Atlantic for verification.

**Franchise Training 3 Points **

  • Applicants who are part of a recognized franchise, may use their franchise training to account for three of the required points.

WETT 3 Points

  • Applicants who are currently Wood Energy Technology Transfer (WETT) certified (ed: 3 or 5 day paid classroom course)

Building Official 3 Points

  • Applicants who provide proof of past service as a building inspector to a city or municipality

AND… acceptance into CAHPI Atlantic after meeting the points total gets you to the APPLICANT (or student) level only:

“CAHPI Atlantic has three categories of membership: Registered, Provisional, and Applicant.”

No “walk-ins” or hand me the cheque here. Prove to us that you’ve already invested in yourself and want to move on with full seriousness!! The entrance committee/president are now considering increasing these requirements before next summer.

Rob All you have to do to see who this association represents is by viewing the Founding Committee are all NCH, save one.


It’s not a secret. Our Mission Statement makes it clear that PHPIO’s main goal is to offer a clear path for any competent Ontario Home Inspector to become a National Certificate Holder.
That has not been available until now because the existing organizations refused to help their members in this regard.

Bill Mullen

And that’s just fine, Rob. If you see no value in becoming an NCH, that’s your right.
PHPIO is not a REPLACEMENT for OAHI, it is an ALTERNATIVE. It all depends what a person sees as the best things for himself.

Bill Mullen

Bill, will PHPIO be seeking a seat in CAHPI?

Rae, give me your fax number, I will send you an ASHI application showing the only requirements they have are a valid credit card. We had a race at our InterNACHI chapter meeting… first one to join ASHI wins. We passed out blank ASHI applications. Winner filled out the application which required nearly nothing in 35 seconds. No experience necessary, no courses, no quizzes, no exams, no nothing. That is where I got the “you can join ASHI in 35 seconds” from. We blast out blank ASHI applications all over N. America and recommend that consumers and agents look for the ASHI logo so as to avoid diploma mill inspectors. Are you one? The fine print on the application states:

Sure you can enter and be an associate tomorrow, but you still have to meet the requirements as above to become a full member with full benefits.

William DeVries this message is for you in regards to our earlier talk re numbers in the National.

On Oct 9th of this month, a BC papaer stated there are only 273 NCA members .

Home inspector achieves accreditation Published: October 09, 2008 6:00 PM Updated: October 09, 2008 6:10 PM Robert Parr of Inspect International in Courtenay is one of 14 Island home inspectors who recently achieved national certification and National Certificate Holder status. The 14 are all members of the Canadian Association of Home and Property Inspectors of B.C. “The National Certification Program was introduced last year, and of the 273 home inspectors across Canada who have achieved national certificate holder status, 75 are from B.C.,” said CAHPI-BC president Owen Dickie.


Also note that as of Sept 15/08 the Southwest Meeting Group of OAHI in the minutes reflect that the number of NCH is currently approaching 300 members.

So Rae, you admit that ASHI has NO entrance requirements and that their full requirements consist of:

Taking an ethics quiz. Well since unethical inspectors can give ethical answers… that one is meaningless.

Taking the NHIE, the same low bar, minimum standard exam that many states use to license newbies… that one is meaningless.

Doing 50 inspections correctly or incorrectly so long as 5 of them are compliant with SOP. Well since there isn’t a forms printer or report writing software company out there that creates non-compliant products, it is almost impossible to write an SOP non-compliant report… so that requirement is meaningless.

Meaningless full membership requirements.
No entrance requirements.

Thanks for clearing things about about diploma mill associations in our industry.

But those are the entry requirements, you are comparing apples to oranges. It does not make Nachi entry requirements superior and either entry ASHi or Nachi requirements do not guarantee nor assure a good inspector let a alone a good inspection. Its all relative.

The fact that Nachi online entry is rather easy allows and permits those into the industry who are looking for a quick ticket to success. You have to have relatively low entry requirements to keep the vendors supplied with an audience.


I can’t find a link with the application, can you please e-mail me an application for membership!

The founding fathers [allthough I don’t know them all] are an impressive bunch.
This is one association I want membership in!!



Please send me a copy too.


Also you could add the longest string of letters behind your name does not make you a good inspector. I have seen some inspectors who rely solely on the letters behind them as feeling this makes them a good inspector. However when I see RHI behind the name and the report says “chimney” and no other reference to it, not the type, material, condition, or what it is attached to, then in my opinion, that does not make a good inspector.