Connect with me on Linkedin.

Will do if I am not already :slight_smile:
I have to check. I also have to take more advantage of it.


Are you a premium or whatever they call it member? If so would you say it would be worth it for someone who is trying to do what I am going for. The Quality Control Consulting stuff? Can you contact people you do not know yet unlike the free version? That would be worth it. I mean there is a work around but then you look like a liar from the start or at least a swindler. I want to play by the rules as I do in business.

I am. No, it is not worth it for you.

Premium is really designed for active recruiters or those desperate for a full time job.

And even then, I have read article that the premium membership does not help that much.

Thank you Sir:

You never stir me wrong :).